Dark net Markets

If you are using search engines, you will receive millions of pages for each keyword that you have typed. Hence this usually forms the part of the internet that is visible. However, there is also an existence of numerous websites on the web that is not within reach of search engines and general browsing. They are known as the dark net or the deep net. This article will, therefore, explain to you on how to access it and the precautions that you should take.  To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started.

Dark net markets is known as websites that are inaccessible to the ordinary search engines. They include sites whose robots.txt is set to stop search engines from indexing them on the net to exclude them from the regular searches.  Find out for further details right here

It is important to note that dark net is not only about preventing indexing by search engines. These sites are often anonymous hence one cannot be able to trace who are the actual owners of the sites. They usually use the onion router network that allows them to include so many nodes that make it difficult to trace where data is going to or coming from which site. Further to this, it is vital to note that the dark net markets usually hosts websites that offer either illegal content such as Assassin services or forms a platform where whistle blowers release out information without having a fear of being caught. Hence this provides the basis for why the dark net is a dangerous place to be. 

Since the dark net was initially created by the military to enable them to effectively communicate anonymously and for the government to dump files that are not open to the general public. It has become difficult for the onion router to be shut down. For this reason, criminals, journalists, and whistle blowers have had a free hand in creating and hosting websites that cannot be able to be searched on the surface of the web since these websites do not have indexes.

For you to be able to access these sites, you will need to have .onion domains that are usually only accessed through the TOR browsers. Thus the onion router is the only easiest way to get into the dark net.

The only safe way to surf on the dark net is to use the onion router for anonymity purposes and never to download anything that you find on the dark net. You should also make sure that you use only the onion router library on the dark net so that you may never land on any page that is criminal. Take a look at this link for more information.